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Western Musiq stage rockers posing for a snap after bagging the first position for western music Sahodaya Youth Fest 2012...! Congraat$ frnds! :)

Hats Off To MD$! A grand scene at Sahodaya Fest held at O.E.M Public school where Mar Dionysius School was rewarded as the Overall Champions Of the competition. Mrs. Anu George, the Prinicipal, the school headboy- Kevin Koshy and other talented participants are nearby!

MD$ ROCK$ ON EVERY STAGE!! ;) The vibrant artist of MDS rocked the stage with their mind blowing performances making dionysians the champions of category IV. Congrats to each and every participant! And its time to shout MDS KI JAI…!!!

Proud To Be A DIONYSIAN..! A dynamic situation where all the faculty members, the vibrant students and the beloved Principal of Mar Dionysius School bagging up the OVERALL CHAMPIONSHIP TROPHY of Central Travancore Sahodaya Fest! Proud To Be A Dionysian! Congrat$ to all the participants….! 

The maargam kali juniors team secured first position in maargam kali for their dynamic performance on the platform...!! Good Work guy$!

The Senior Team of maargam kali bagged the first postion for their energetic and vibrant breth taking performance....! :) Congraats once again to all the participants..! Keep up the same spirit always!!

UMMACHI KUTTI’S OF MDS ROCK$ ! Congrats to all the oppana team members for securing the third position! It aint winning that matters the most but participating and performing it with a dynamic spirit..! Congrats once again! Do well next time…. Keep the spirit high!!