Exquisite Features

What’s special at Rishi Valley?

A very calm atmosphere conductive to health and education. Well aerated and bright classrooms , well equipped labs, well stocked library , Mini Theatre, Auditorium and canteen.

Compulsory special coaching in anny one co-curricular activity (karate, classical and instrumental music, break, classical and folk dance , drawing, painting, art & craft, roller skating, Home Science, musical band Quizzing and Chess ec.)

  • Guidance and counseling centre
  • Seperate religious clubs for all denominations
  • Excellent courts and coaching for basket ball, throw ball, habdball, badminton, football table tennis, etc.
  • Active involvement of the Parent teacher association
  • Transportation facilities available along selected routes.
  • Special coaching for English speaking in British and American accent.

Versatile Organization

The objective behind the establishment of this Educational complex at the serene village by the Malankara Orthodox Church is to provide quality education to students from all strata of society. The church is confident that the institution is safe in the arms of a team of dedicated staff who are determined to ignite the flames of creativity , wisdom and character in each and every child who gets admitted in this noble institution.Earnings of any kind will be invested in the school campus offering a variety of programs from the pure and conventional to the most modern educational technologies. Selected students are supported by the management on a merit-cum-need basis and special thanks to the well wishers who have sponsored students who are keen and committed to education.

Our mission

Our mission is to create well integrated personalities- leaders, winners and achievers. We make the children realize what they are and what they can but never compel them to predetermine their future career. That is, here education is not examination - oriented up ot Std IX..For the children, examination is an expression of what they have gained through the course of study in their own creative manner ,and is never a phobia but an entertainment with information. Wow !By the grace of God ,the Board examinees of consecutive years even from the first batch have come out in flying colours,most of them scoring A grades in all the subjects.

Stimulating the minds and independent learning

Teachers never underestimate the students , but they provoke young minds by suggesting investigatory projects and assignments to be completed in stipulated time . Assignment activity forms the corner stone of independent learning. Students are directed to adopt self-help method of learning and are never spoon fed because 'Lessons taught are never learnt' .Parents and their wards aim at acquisition of knowledge and are not that bothered about scores in lower classes.

Leadership training

We mould confident, organized, multi-skilled and flexible individuals who have problem -solving and independent decision -making capabilities and can be both members and leaders of a team . All important dates are commemorated and celebrated with the initiation , organization and participation skill of the student community.

Lectures by guests from all walks of life acquaint children with the realities of life. Such programmes address the various aspects of human personality like confidence building, memory training, aptitude testing , interview skills , public speaking, language competence etc.

Religious Training

Admission is granted to all irrespective of caste or creed.Non denominational prayers are conducted on school days. MGOCSM , SCM and Hindu Students'Club meet separately once every week and teachers belonging to different denominations lead the respective clubs. Marked significance is given in observing the important festivals of our multi religious set up.

Special noon prayers are conducted during lent and attending them regularly is mandatory for the orthodox church students.

The management is longing to have a school chapel in the name of Saint Vattasseril Mar Dionysius and it will be kept open through out the working hours .

Campus fit for good mental health

Rishi Valley campus shares the territory of Pathanamthitta and Kottayam districts and bus routes in all directions are easily accessible .Still the valley is breezy ,quiet and conducive to health and education. Shortage of pure water has never been a problem .

Guidance and Counseling Clinic

The school counseling team includes a full time Trained Counselor , Visitor Neuro psychiatrist , Special education consultants and psychologists.

Objectives of the clinic are:

1. As a mental health programme

  1. To give group counselling for students of different age groups

  2. To give personal counselling for maladjusted students

  3. To make parents aware of the danger of unattainable goal setting and the resultant problems it may cause in their wards

  4. To give personal counselling to parents.

2. Screening children with Specific Learning Disabilities

  • Standardised tests are conducted to detect Dyslexia (a condition affecting the brain that makes it difficult for someone to read and write in spite of their high I Q ) ,Dyscalculia (inefficiency in calculations) and other Learning problems.
  • They are then cared by special educators.
  • CBSE makes allowances to such students in Board Exams and we offer best opportunities to help such students to be successful in life.

3. To help students make the best choice of their subjects of interest at Senior Secondary level

Students at our Junior college feel tension free and confident during this two year course because priority is given to the real interest of students in choosing the subjects .

There is no short cut to success. Therefore we believe in beginning early to plan, guide and provide direction to the career path of all our students. The class room encourages freedom of thought supported by discussion and demos. Practicals are done to support theoretical knowledge and for self-realisation of the inherent inquiry and scientific mind in the educators rather than to appear for practical exams. Hence Laboratories here are precisely the places revealing the true scientific aptitude of the learners.